Food Walks in Delhi believes that each street and lane of Delhi is imbued with a history of gastronomic glory, offering the flavors of heritage, tradition and a passion for food that has been shaped over eras, across borders. Food Walks in Delhi conduct food expeditions to relish the food culture of Delhi and interact with the fellow food enthusiasts. It began in 2011 to act as a bastion of Delhi food culture. Thus, at Food Walks in Delhi, we aim to provide the ultimate gourmet experience to our guests.
At Food Walks in Delhi, we believe Atithi Devo Bhava, in the sense that we treat our guests with warmth and affection. Their needs, requirements and taste preferences are given priority and we make efforts to customize our walks such that it suits them the best. The walk has gained expertise, having explored the lanes over a walk, and is cognizant of what suits the non-Indian stomach the best and thus one will often be asked by the host to avoid certain food items too. We welcome our guests with a kit that contains a mineral water, sanitizer, wet tissues and a small memento.

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Our walks offer unlimited food. Also, as per our organization’s policy, the leftover food is donated to the homeless and destitute people on the streets.

Walks Number of Pax Charges per Person
Breakfast Walk/ Mum's Kitchen 1 Pax 5249
1-2 Pax 4724
2-4 Pax 4199
4 and above 3674
Old Delhi Night Food Walk/ Tea Trail 1 Pax 5774
1-2 Pax 5249
2-4 Pax 4724
4 and above 4199

Walks Include:

1. All walks are conducted with a constant supply of bottled water and hand sanitizer.
2. All food walks are customized on the basis of special requirements, allergies, sensitivities and spice tolerance.
3. On demand, we also arrange pick and drop facility from the hotel.
[II] Besides the walks mentioned above that takes our guests to the streets and lanes of Delhi where authenticity of ancient taste is still found, DFW also offers Fine Dining and Casual Dining experiences.
[III] Delhi Food Walks also offers Kitchen visit and cooking classes to help understand the Indian Cuisine in greater detail. The Meet-the-chef tour is simply a cherry on the top!

* Prices are on per person basis.
* GST is chargeable extra.
* Please note that we are not responsible for any health problems that you might face after consumption of outside food. You are going to participate in all the activities at your own risk and at your own will.

Frequently Asked Questions

QAre the charges for two person basis?
A. No, all the costs are on Per Person basis, unless otherwise clearly specified.
QIs this program kids friendly?
A. Yes it is. For most adventure activities however the minimum age recommended is 12 yrs. Do check with us for any clarification on this.