Treks 'N Rapids provides two programmes under this wilderness survival and bushcraft module: An all-year round programme and a specialised programme in winter dealing with winter survival and protection against extreme cold weather conditions.

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Wilderness Survival

What we provide:

The basics of camping Wilderness Survival basics Woodcraft/Bushcraft and tools (knife/axe used in the craft for camping, trekking and shelter building needs) Wood processing for fire lighting (featherstick making, batoning, chopping wood) Different fire-lighting methods (ferro rod, bow-drill, and others) Finding water and simple purification methods Navigation and night navigation (basic direction finding with analog watch and stick and shadow method) Basic astronomy for night navigation (constellations and Pole Star – only if the sky is clear) Shelter making (using tarp or with branches and vines) Making a bug out bag for day hikes (essential items to carry during a day hike) How to protect yourself from extreme weather conditions – dehydration as well as hypothermia Basic knowledge on HAPO, HACO and altitude sickness Use of paracord and ropes, and basic knots and hitches.

What you will learn:

Life-saving skills that will help you in treks and travels. You will become more confident to face adversities.

Difficulty Level:

Beginner/amateur (Should be physically fit to walk 6-8 odd kilometres in a day).


Tents and village homestay option. For extreme winter, we advise village homestay. We provide tent accommodation only if the patrons are willing to experience extreme cold weather conditions. By tents, we mean camping and expedition tents. We do not provide Swiss tents with attached toilets.


Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and evening and daytime snacks. Tea complimentary. Only veg meals. Itinerary: Friday Morning-Sunday afternoon. We can customise programme according to your needs.

* GST is chargeable extra.
* Minimum 6 persons batch is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat is the fitness level required?
A. Most of our programs are suitable for first timers and people with normal to good fitness level. While we do not put any restrictions based on physical abilities and fitness level, some activities and terrains may be more physically demanding than others. It is always advisable to check with your family physician before signing up for an adventure activity.
QCan I book instantly or do I need to check the availability?
A.  We strongly advice that prior to make a reservation you get in touch with us over the phone or emails to check availability and also clarify any queries that you may have.