Corporate Outdoor Programs

The corporate training division of Treks ‘n Rapids is considered a pioneer in new age and innovative Experiential Learning Programs which combines outdoor games and adventure sports, carefully developed after extensive research and experimentation for organisational effectiveness.

‘OUTPERFORM’ our Corporate training module was started with a passion to give corporate India the best resource in Adventure Sports & Human Resource Enrichment. Our Experiential Learning Programs have been highly appreciated by leading corporate houses, management institutes, and professionals from different walks of life for their effectiveness in promoting overall personality and physio-emotional development.


Research shows that experiential learning is more effective in human resource development than traditional class room simulation based training. Here, an individual is able to acquire, relate and apply skills and techniques gained from our specialized activities and games to real life issues and enhance work related competencies.

Our dedicated research & development team works day in and out to develop newer and more effective outdoor games and program modules by combining elements of Adventure Sports, Outdoor Games, Yoga, Meditation and Self Exploration Techniques.

Modules have been designed taking into consideration various human resource challenges an organisation faces today. These challenges can be in domains of Team Dynamics and Effectiveness, Leadership, Goal Setting, Trust, Motivation,Communication and Focus. Apart from the above challenges the modules also include exercises to tackle stress through our Stress Busting Programs which include Pranayama and Meditation, along with Nature Walks, Self-Exploration Exercises, and much more.

These programmes are conducted at two of specially developed campuses in Uttarakhand Himalayas and at associated resorts & campsites across the country. The client has a choice of availing of these modules at their own campuses or virtually any destination, subject to its suitability for the module and in consultation with our team.

What do we offer?


Outperform programs are designed after a thorough understanding by the trainers of the organisation’s needs and objectives. During the training and after the end of the program, the experiential learning trainers provide interactive feedback and insights to the participants on these aspects. These programs are highly enriching and provide valuable insights to the organisation on its human development health and are highly recommended for its effectiveness. These programs are ideally conducted over a 2 to 3 days period.

Outperfom Lite

These programs are designed for corporates who are short on time (or budgets) but wish to engage their employees in some meaningful activity rather than the regular class room training sessions. These programs can be conducted over a 1/2/3 day period.


Self Confidence and Team bonding between individuals

Develop mutual trust and understanding between members

Shared common goal

Inculcates leadership qualities in the group

Thinking outside the box

Better interpersonal skills

Why Treks ‘n Rapids?

One of the pioneers in Corporate Outbound Programs in India

One of the best dedicated team of Experiential Learning Trainers

In-house team to develop newer and effective activities/games

Specialized Outdoor Activities

Spider’s Web

Team Building and Planning Skills Development

Call of the Jungle

Coordination Skills and Communication Development

Legend of William Tell

Focus, Coordination and Interpersonal Communication Skills

Eskimo Walk

Team Building, Team Dynamics, Leadership and Planning Skills Development

Huff & Puff

Focus, Coordination Skills, Motivation and Team Dynamics

Golden Triangle

Team Building, Coordination Skills, Leadership and Effective Delegation

Height & Seek

Planning, Coordination, Focus and Team Building

In Search of Excellence

Planning and Strategizing


Mr.Pranav Kukreti

Brief Profile: Over 14 Years, combined experience in Tourism, Manpower Development (Experiential Learning Trainer, Environment Sensitivity Mentorand Outdoor Educator), Consultancy (Eco Tourism, Business & E Commerce) and Media

Education: MBA (NMIMS Mumbai; Batch of 2000)

Avid adventurer. Hiked, Cycled, Paddled and Dived at various places in India & Internationally. Certifications in White Water Rafting & Aero Sports, among others. Environmentalist & pioneer in New Age Manpower Development Techniques. Interests include human psychology & modern spirituality. In addition to being a life-member of National Adventure Foundation, Pranav is also Convener of Panel on Tourism Development and State Council Member for Confederation of Indian Industry (Uttarakhand). He has been training entry to top level managers from various Indian and Multi National Corporations, including Perfetti Van Melle, Reliance, Delphi Automotive Systems, Tata Motors Ltd, Murugappa Group, Tata Consultancy Services, and many more since 2002.

Focus Areas: Bonding, Team Building, Motivation, Leadership and Stress Management

Dr. Pankaj Bijalwan

Brief Profile: Over 13 Years, combined experience in Management Education, Manpower Development, Human Resources and Adventure Tourism

Education: MBA (Human Resource Management; Batch of 2000); PhD Core member of the R&D team to develop newer and innovative modules, activities testing and implementation for ELPs. Pankaj has mentored entry to top level managers from corporations such as Tata Motors, Delphi Automotive Systems, Perfetti Van Melle, Reliance Capital and many others since the inception of the company.

Focus Areas: Leadership, Sense of Responsibility and Team Building

Mr. Dinesh Uniyal

Brief Profile: Dinesh is a certified A grade, advance level mountaineer from NIM Uttarkashi, and has done innumerable successful climbs and led various expeditions to altitudes over 21,000 feet in the Himalayas. In addition to Mountaineering and outdoors, Dinesh is also an accomplished Yogatrainer having keen interest in mythologies, Vedas and Upanishads. Dinesh and his team of outdoor activity specialists have been the backbone of all the Outperform and Outperform Lite programmes since 2002.


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