The drop zone is affiliated to United States Parachute Association and is the only such drop zone in India. the activities are approved by Govt of India, Ministry of Civil Aviation.

On demand, recently shifted the operations to Gujarat. Mehsana near Ahmedabad, and Surat. Conducting the activity at one of the two places continuously

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Tandem Experience

It is the gateway to the world of skydiving. The fastest non-motorised sport on the face of the earth, where your body speed during free fall is 220 kmph plus. The adventure which gives you an instant un-adulterated euphoria. At around 12000 feet above MSL, You take off elegantly into space - a moment, the feeling of which will remain with you throughout your life. Never would you ever experience this instant nirvana again. Though the physical experience will last for 5000 feet, when your instructor will open the parachute, it will have an everlasting impression on your soul. The instructors often allow you to manoeuvre the parachute at this stage. You will have a view of Mysore from the top before you land at a predetermined place at the airport. The whole action will be video-graphed.

This jump is for those, who want to do it for pleasure and adventure, who had a dream of flying like a bird in childhood, who want to live life to fullest because they know that you live only once.

Training:- The USPA Instructor will train you thoroughly till the time he is satisfied with your various body positions which you need to maintain during the body flight during free fall. The training will include various communication signals and landing posture and procedure. The training will last for at least an hour, depending on the individual to individual.

COST. The whole experience will cost you only 35000/ including Taxes, this price includes the video footage.

First Jump Course

One full day training followed by two working tandems, where you will be required to clear Grade A and Grade B of practical training. Once the instructor is satisfied with your performance, The third jump will be AFF with one instructor.

· Training. You will be trained as per USPA guidelines and theory classes will last 8 to 10 hours.
· Duration. The course will last for 3 days.
· Cost. The whole course will cost you 95000/- Only

Solo Jump Course.

This is the course is for those, who would like to continue flying without the aid of instructor anywhere in the world at any USPA drop zone. This course is also for those who would like to take up skydiving as a career, as there is a huge demand for skydiving instructors all around the world. This course is the progression towards ‘A’ License course.

· The course consists of clearing 7 stages, including one tandem, being the first jump followed by one-day training. And training sessions after clearing each stage. Any average person can clear each stage without any repetition, however in case, some stage needs to be repeated, an extra Rs 9000/- will be charged for that extra jump.
· Training. You will be trained as per USPA guidelines and theory classes will last 8 to 10 hours.
· Duration. The course will last for 5-7 days depending upon each individual.
· On completion, you would be able to jump solo.
· Cost. The whole course will cost you 2.5 lacs only.

‘ A’ Licence Course.

· On completion of free fall, once you complete 25 jumps, You qualify for ‘A‘ license course. ‘A’ License course is available throughout the year and needs to be booked at least a week in advance. License courses B, C, D are also available on demand and need to be booked at least one month in advance. These courses are done if you need to take skydiving as a career.

* Prices are on per person basis.
* GST is chargeable extra.

Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat is the dress code?
A. Dress code. Wear a comfortable dress, sandals are not permitted.
QAdditional requirments?
A. Send us a scanned copy of your id proof to enable us to keep air port entry pass ready for you.
QAny Weight limit
A. Weight should not be more than 95 Kgs. after 95 Kgs , you need to pay Rs 2000 directly to the instructor. Weight  of person in tandem jump should exceed  100 kgs.