Air Safari Rishikesh started in 23 March 2014 . Our company is proud to introduce hobby flying into India and presently in ( Dehradun, Rishikesh ) Uttarakhand. People must be made to understand that there is more to flying than the complex airliners. Our efforts are to make our clients fly like birds with no effort and fright; they can feel the cool and crisp air of the Himalayas and can refresh their monotonously stressed life. World is getting busy and stressful day by day and people need to be connected with nature and the wilderness of life. Add more to life than just a desk job, meetings, picnics, and money. Add your soul; add your desire, adds ADVENTURE.

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Air Safari

1. Light Sports Aircraft Flight - Think a car rally... on steroids; exactly the same principle. You are joining a bunch of skilled Aviators who will fly you in a fleet of light sports air crafts on an organized itinerary, set against scenic backdrops not often dotted in regular maps, the show unveils the different ways of living life.

Air Safari Tariffs

Light Sport Aircraft Flights

1.) Kitty Hawk
Price - Rs.4400/
Time - (10-12 Mins Flight)
2.) Explorer
Price - Rs.6999/
Time - (18-22 Mins Flight)
3.) Valley Expedition
Price - Rs.10999/
Time - (30-35 Mins Flight)
4.) Rishikesh Expedition
Price - Rs.20499/
Time - (60-70 Mins Flight)

Note: Flight timings - 6.00 A.M to 6.00 P.M
2. Hot Air Balloon Tethered Flight - Enjoy the incredible thrilling Hot Air Balloon rides, have a panoramic view of Shivalik valley. Tethering means the balloon is securely anchored to the ground via a series of high-tensile strength ropes and carabiners. Height up to 100 ft to 200 ft depending on wind conditions.

Hot Air Balloon Tethered Flight
(Per Person)

Time - 10-12 Mins Flight
AGE - 5 year and above
Price - Rs.2500/

* Prices are on per person basis, for minimum 2 pax.
* GST is chargeable extra.

Frequently Asked Questions

QFee for the children?
A. Child below 5 years is complimentary with adults.  (Where ever applicable / Age proof is mandatory).