How to travel solo like a pro

travel solo

You don’t really need a company to make you feel good, you are self-sufficient, and all you need is YOU. This is where travel solo comes in.

The first and the most important rule, don’t think too much: Half the people don’t travel alone because they are way too scared. Travelling solo is not a suicide mission, and it should not scare you, so don’t spend days or months planning it, or thinking whether you should travel alone or not. Just do basic research, pack your bags, find places that are safe to stay and have the best time of your life. If you can the talk to people who have already been there, take recommendations on fooding and lodging, and then finalise the trip.

When in a tricky situation: Just deal with it, there is no other way. If you are stuck some where, find your way out. If you meet bad people, handle them. You are your own commander, and that’s the kick a solo trip ensures. Also, always trust your instincts, if you are not sure about something or someone, find people you can trust. If the taxi driver looks a bit shady, opt for someone you feel, you can trust.

Plan your trip in a manner that you want: Wake up when you want to and sleep when you want to because when you aretraveling alone, you don’t have to deal with punctuality issues of other people. There is no one to force you to visit a monument you don’t want to.


Before you leave: Just because you are travelling alone doesn’t mean you will just vanish into thin air. Email your detailed itinerary to family and friends, so that they know where you are staying and for how long. It will give you a sense of confidence.

Don’t reach the destination after dark: It’s better that your reach the place when there is still some light so that you can adjust to the place. If you need a pick-up or drop from the airport or station, arrange it in advance.

Be open: To new experiences and meeting new people

Be yourself: You don’t have to try too hard to impress someone. You don’t know them, they don’t know you

Don’t get conscious: No one is watching you and no one is judging you.

If you are suspicious of someone: Reach out to someone


Go to hotel to just sleep, and eat out: Because when you do that, you explore local cuisine and in the process, you also see a lot of places. You don’t really have to spend an extra hour in the hotel to deal with that delayed breakfast.

Remain connected: As we have pointed out earlier, don’t vanish. Remain connected on phone.

What should you carry in your backpack: An extra pair of shoes, torch, battery backup, Swiss knife, pepper spray and a physical map (because you can not depend on Google maps always) . Also carry your water bottle, don’t buy plastic bottles.

Explore places that not popular: Delhi is not just about Lal Quila, or Qutab Minar, there is also Ghalib Ki Haveli and MajnuKa Tila, however, if you go by popular destinations recommended on the web, you will never reach these places.