Hills are Vitamins you need . Here’s why

Yes, life in the hills is pretty slow, but that’s exactly what you need to destress! You know, we are so used to of living by the clock that we forget that it’s important to pause and play, or just do nothing at all. Spend the entire day doing nothing and nothing at all. Hills give you that option. No office, no malls, no instructions and no one to push you. This is why it’s important that you head to the hills every now and then to give a break to your i-live-by-the-watch-life. Think about it. You need it, your body needs it and your family needs it.

You can still breathe oxygen when you are in the hills: Our air-quality is so bad that we will live more if we do not breathe. Air pollution is the reality of city life, where we mostly inhale air that’s full of toxins. Thankfully, breathing in the hills is a bliss for your lungs, your senses and your body because the air quality in the hills is still OXYGEN (what we are supposed to breathe). And trust us, pure air is a gem that you will never find in the metros.


Hills are beautiful: Aren’t they? And do we really need to write a thousand words to tell you how hills are so right for your eyes?That’s the thing about mountains, wherever you see, there is beauty…beauty that your eyes see and your heart feels. Also, you get tons of likes and share for the photos you click here.

People in the hills are humble: Our cities are self-centered, it’s full of personal goals, logical and illogical aspirations and the rush to do something and reach somewhere even if it means pushing a few people down the drain. We are not being cynical but it’s the truth. In cities, you have to be slightly mean to get where you want to. However, hills are still devoid of greed. People are honest, they are humble, they don’t know how to cheat, and a constant reminder of what all of us should aspire to be. Interacting with them is just a life lesson.


There are still stars in the sky, and the sunrise is still picture perfect: Try spotting a constellation in Delhi or Mumbai, you would never be able to do it because our skies are full of smoke that our cars and factories pump out. In the hills, it’s different. There you can sit together with your partner with a cup of coffee, and spend the entire night looking at the stars, or wake up in each other’s arms while watching the sun coming out from the behind the hills opposite your hotel room. How is the idea?