Health Benefits of Trekking and Camping


Never Go Trekking If You Don’t Care About These 6 Health Benefits :

You don’t want to get over that breakup of yours: Wondering why we say so? Because trekking reduces stress! It makes you meet new people, interact with nature and be one with surroundings that get etched on your memory for life? Who has the time to stress while trekking?

You don’t care for a stronger heart: Because you walk on an uneven terrain for a long time and in the process activate a lot of muscle activation and test your physical limitations, trekking is known to promote cardiovascular health. It’s proven.


You don’t want to lose weight: Trekking is not a passive holiday; it’s about getting out of the comfort level and actually doing something physically. Walking for those long distance burns massive amount of calories. And you don’t even need weights because your backpack which would at least weigh 6-7 kilos is perfect replacement for dumbbells. Trekking is like exercising the entire day!

You don’t want to ease your lungs: What your lungs miss the most when you stay in massively polluted cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai? Oxygen, right? Because trekking is conducted in places that are remotely located and rich in flora, your lungs get to pump in a lot of pure oxygen. Want to cleanse your lungs? Go trekking! If not, then you can check into a 5 star property in some polluted town!


You don’t want your joints to remain rock-solid till your grave: Trekking is not a no-fruit activity, it has some real benefits. Because you move your body, every bit of it, your joints become active and robust. And if you trek on a regular basis, your joints will never wear out! At least not before the time, they are supposed to.

You don’t want to improve your mental health: What happens when you meet people from different walks of life? What happens when you meet people whose problems are bigger than yours? What happens when you leave all your worries to cherish the beautiful sceneries around you? You feel good, right? So does your mind!